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Donation: Build the first Museum of Nakhi Minority Women 

In 2019, Yunfang Li, a Nakhi woman who is now living in Netherland, started planning to build the Museum of Nakhi Minority Women in Lijiang, Shuhe Tea Horse Former Residence Memorial Hall. It was the first museum about Nakhi women in China, in which it exhibited the life of four generations of Nakhi women from birth, marriage to death. Through a series of etiquette, customs, costumes, and stories, the museum revealed the lives of Nakhi women in the past decades. 

Working with Yunfang Li, Naxi Music Foundation founder Ziyue Yang would love to rebuild and reopen the museum. The donation will use to reconstruct the museum, exhibit recollection, regular cultural relics protection, pamphlet design, tour guide employment, and site rent. 

The first and only Nakhi women museum

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