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NaXi music 

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background story

Nakhi (Naxi) people are a minority group living in Yun Nan, China under the Yu Long mountain. In the past thousands of years, they have made their own instruments, composed music, choreographed dances, and gradually formed their own special culture. For funeral ceremonies, Nakhi villagers composed Baisha Xi music according to the tragedy of Dragon princess. The classic Confucius string music mourned over Dragon princess' agony as her father imprisoned her and attacked her husband's territory. Influenced by Taoism ideologies, the Nakhi people also composed DongJing music, presenting and performing the Taoist classic "Wenchang Cave scriptures". By singing DongJing music, the Nakhi people worshipped and praised the power and the revelation of the spirits. 

During the Cultural Revolution, many Nakhi musicians have been persecuted and imprisoned, and most of music pieces were lost. Dongjing and Bai Sha Xi music, traditional Gong Che music notation, and handicraft of Nakhi traditional instruments were no longer being inherited. However, as the Reform and Opening policy was out, the Nakhi people, including villagers from QingXi, BaiSha village, and townsmen from Dayan ancient cities started to rebuild Nakhi ensembles and fight for the preservation of Na Xi ancient music. Xuan Ke, who was imprisoned during the Cultural revolution and is now 90 years old, in his ailing health, continued to rehearse with Naxi ensembles, ensuring the Naxi music is never lost.


Naxi music foundation is dedicated to aiding Xuan Ke and other Nakhi musicians in their fight for the preservation of their music. Our mission is not only to preserve the Nakhi ancient music by filming documentaries, digitalizing Nakhi music written in Gongche notation, organizing Nakhi music workshops for Nakhi children in Yun Nan, but also raises the question of how can the culture of minority groups around the world survive under the rapid modernization and globalization. As individuals and global citizens, how can we take action to preserve the beautiful diversity of our world, and preserve our own unique culture? Please take time to learn about Nakhi music and instruments, these extraordinary Nakhi musicians, and their touching stories.

                                                                                                                                                   ~ Naxi Music foundation

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